ECOOK is the definitive mobile app that gives food lovers access to the original recipes from the best cookbooks, and delivers them directly to their smartphones and tablets. One might call it a Netflix for food lovers. Easy to use, and easy on the wallet. The best global recipes delivered fresh – straight to your screen!

ECOOK also offers a comprehensive range of tools to help with meal prep and make cooking so much easier and much more fun. It will soon be everyone’s favorite kitchen staple!


Cooking at home is increasingly popular and so is cooking related content as a result. In many countries cookbooks and cooking magazines are one of the few categories of printed books and magazines which still have rising sales. On TV, cooking shows have covered a lot of ground. Websites, food blogs and vlogs have impressive communities and influence, and chefs have become the new rock stars of today.

Cookbooks have become unmissable for millions of cooking fans around the world. However, only a few of them are lucky enough to have all the great titles on their own shelves at home. Foodies are constantly looking for that one special recipe that they don’t happen to have. This also goes for the younger generation who is just entering the culinary world, and discovering all that it has to offer, especially online. Via ECOOK, all of these consumers will now get (paid) access to these exclusive recipes from cookbooks; and publishers now have a new source of reaching a new audience and generating a new source of income. ECOOK members who discover that their favorite recipes all come from the same book will now be able to purchase the hard copy of the book directly from the app.

Another benefit of ECOOK is that not only bestsellers can be offered via the front list on the app, but the back list will give a much-needed boost to ‘forgotten’ books and books that are no longer available. This will lead to new sources of income for the publishers.


ECOOK is the most user-friendly cooking assistant to date, and makes organizing, cooking and preparing meals a party that everybody will want to join!

  • Access to the original recipes from the best cookbooks around the world
  • Features renowned authors and chefs exclusively
  • Accessible on mobile devices, anytime, anyplace – you’re just a click away from your next recipe
  • Ultimate user experience
  • High-quantity and high-quality, reliable content that’s easy to use
  • No advertising
  • Created in the user’s local language
  • Features useful tools to help with meal prep and make cooking easier and more fun
    • Handy meal planners
    • Easy to read shopping list
    • Kitchen aids (kitchen timers, ingredient conversions, tips, instruction videos)
    • Helpful ingredient overview and detailed information in different categories
    • Interact with other foodies in the ECOOK community
    • Order your favorite cookbooks within the app


ECOOK does not publish the complete cookbook. ECOOK only shares the recipes, a short book summary, the author’s bio and the accompanying official images. This content will not be altered in any way, but will only be shared with the members in the ECOOK font and design template, in order to create a consistent look and feel for the users in the fresh ECOOK style. ECOOK will provide separated general content, such as instruction videos, and general tips and tricks, which will not be mixed the publisher’s original content.



Publishers participating in the ECOOK app will get access to the ECOOK Content Management System. Publishers can easily upload the complete PDFs of the cookbooks involved to the CMS with just a few clicks. ECOOK will extract the recipes and images and incorporate this in the app. The texts and recipes will not be adjusted in any way; they will only be transferred to the ECOOK font and design template in order to create a consistent end user experience. The ECOOK look and feel will enhance the viewing of the recipes.

When ECOOK is ‘ready’, the publisher will be notified that their recipes are ready to be published in the ECOOK app. The publisher can then check and confirm everything online and approve the publishing. When needed, the publisher can request any adjustments needed in the content before it gets published. Recipes will only be published once the publisher has approved the content.

Once the publisher’s content is available in the ECOOK app, publishers can see how their recipes are being used and added to favorites in real time.


  • Generates new income from the app itself
  • Renumeration of 60% of net revenue
  • Spin-off towards the sales of the physical book
  • Brings the back list back to life
  • Minimum effort required to participate
  • Access to CMS
  • Easy to upload content
  • Full control of what will be published and when
  • Real time insight into how recipes are used